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How to Block site with Website Block and protect your software settings?
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Adding or removing blocked websites
Setting password and password protected mode
Saving and opening blocked websites lists
Step-by-step instructions how to block Facebook (Youtube Video)

Adding or Removing Websites or Keywords

Website Block can filter websites given a full website URL or partial URL text match. For example you may add http://www.yahoo.com to block access to Yahoo site http://www.yahoo.com Or you may just type in yahoo in the lists of URLs to block. This will block any website or webpage including word yahoo in its URL, e.g. http://www.mysite.com/yahoo.html or http:/finance.yahoo.nz  After the website or a keyword is added you have to apply new settings by clicking "Apply" button

Applied settings take effect immediately in the opened Internet Explorer windows.
To add a website or a keyword to a blocked list you may use "Add site" button on the toolbar. To enter multiple URLs or keywords you may type them in line by line in a text file and open it using "File" -> "Open" menu. See more in Opening and Saving files about this

To remove a website highlight a URL or a keyword in the list of blocked websites and press "Remove" button. You may select multiple items by holding Control button on your keyboard.

Again, do not forget to apply new settings after removing some items from the list.

Password Protection

Website Block includes password protected mode feature. This means that you may set an access password to the software so that only you may edit the list of the blocked URLs and keywords. 

Select "Security", then "Software Access" from the top menu when you want to turn on this feature. Note that you will be asked to enter password each time when you start Website Block, once the password protection is turned on.

To remove password protection or to change password you may use "Software Access"->"Remove Access Password Protection" and "Reset Access Password" from the same "Security" Menu. Note that the password can not be restored. If you loose the password the only way around is to uninstall this software. Please keep in mind that uninstall protection password described below in a separate password for uninstallation protection only.

Uninstall Password Protection

Website Block includes a password protected protection from uninstalling the software. If this feature is turned on, then a password prompt will appear during uninstall action. If a correct password is entered, the software will be uninstalled from the computer, if a wrong password was entered the software will remain installed on the PC.

Select "Security", then "Software Uninstall" from the top menu if you want to turn on this feature. Note that any user that has privileges to install or uninstall software on the computer will be asked to enter the same password that was originally set for Website Block uninstall.

To remove uninstall password protection or to change password you may use "Reset Uninstall Password" and "Remove Uninstall Password Protection" from the same "Software Uninstall" menu. Note that the software access password and uninstall password are two different passwords.

Opening and Saving lists of blocked sites

You may enter a list of websites to block from a file. Please use "File" -> "Open" or "Save" menu or the following toolbar buttons.

The format of the file is plain text, one entry per line. A sample file sample.txt is included with the software. You may use any plain text editor to modify this file and load later.

To save the list of blocked websites to a file you may use "File"->"Save" menu or corresponding toolbar button. A plain text file containing items from the blockd websites list will be generated.

Video on How to Block and Unblock Facebook

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