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Website Block is a parental control software. Website Block block any selected website from being displayed in Internet Explorer. This parental control software blocks sites by a full domain name, URL or even by a keyword entered in the search.

Website Block is an ideal solution when it comes to blocking access to web pages. It allows employees to increase workers productivity limiting time people spend at social network sites, can block questionable content so your kids can not see it, helps even you to focus on other things by blocking any site you do not want to see for any reason. Website Block Box Shot
Why would you need Website Block software? Free Download

You can block adult content with it. You may easily block search queries like these just by adding a single blocked keyword.

You can block social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orcut, Bebo, Friendster, Qzone and others. Worried that you kid is sitting at computer and wasting time? Block social networking sites.

If you are running a small business block file sharing sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Depositfiles, Oron, Hotfile and others if you are paying per internet traffic or do not want your network to slow down just because one employee is download a movie. Block Youtube too.

Is you kid is addicted to online gaming? Block sites with flash games or gaming portals.

For just one time fee you may purchase Website Block and start blocking any sites from browsing on your PC.

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